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About HotSpring Spa’s MN

At HotSpring Hot Tubs, MN, our friendly easy-going sales staff have many years of experience in the spa industry. Their no-pressure approach will make your visit a pleasant and educational one, geared at helping you make the best decisions for you. If you need help with your spa location and setup details at your home, we will gladly come to your home and share our expertise to help you make the right choices on location and the models that are best suited for you.


I have wanted a hot tub for many years for relaxation, and also I have a spinal fusion and wanted to keep my body well. We chose Hot Spring because of its salt water system and other high quality features. We have been very happy with the process from buying to delivery and all the questions afterward. Very satisfied with follow up, communication, and overall knowledge of the products. I highly recommend Mark and his crew if you are looking for a high quality hot tub and also helpful service that doesn't leave you frustrated! The physical effects have experienced exceeded my expectation. I thought it would be relaxing ( which it is) but muscle soreness and tightness and just overall feeling in my back and joints has been noticeably effected for the good. It's also unexpectedly been a cool way to have some quality, face to face time with our sons (13, 10, 8). It is an investment for sure, but one that has great benefits and long term payoff for health and wellness.

Kate Tande

We could not be happier with our experience with Mark (owner), and Hotsprings Hottub of Northern Minnesota! Due to Covid, we never met Mark, nor did we see our hottub until it was installed. We communicated by phone, email, text, and photos. Our install was today, and EVERYTHING went perfectly. The installers were knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. My husband commented that the installers clearly knew what they were doing. They respected our need to maintain social distancing. Mark, the owner, was extremely skilled, experienced, helpful, and kind. I strongly recommend Hotsprings Hottub of Northern Minnesota!

Nancy Haaheim

I walked into this place... dreaming of having a hot tub... not really knowing what brought me in... But THIS place made my dreams come true! All the concerns I had ... from health to maintenance... to affording the perfect hot tub for me... came together quickly with the great customer service of the staff. They are so knowledgeable about their hot tubs and answered ALL the questions and concerns I had. I was even able to come in and sample the two tubs I thought were for me ... and it made a huge difference making my final decision. They also helped me make a plan for the steps that were needed to install my tub and made everything come together. I love that I can continue to come back anytime to talk about the maintenance and care of my hot tub... including water tests to maintain the health of my tub! They really truly care that YOU love your hot tub... I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Stephanie Hanson

I love the reliability of a quality product!

Karen B…

Energy efficiency!


The relaxation and fun!


Second to none in customer service!

Mike A.

Our hot tub is SPAwesome!!

Jenny P.

Love it!

D. and P.

Gives my wife something to do so I can go fishing!


It’s big, cool and fun!


Easy to own, great filtration, crystal clear h2o!


Spending time with my family!

Amanda P.

You can have a lot of friends over and to have fun!

Avery, 10

Easy to take care of!

Adam H.

Family fun!


Crystal blue water.


I love the moto-massage!

Julie K.

Quality time with the bubbles!


Love the tub and the help with it.

Mary and Kenny

Great, friendly service!


Hotspring Spas changed my life!

Joe L.

Clean, clean water!


Pool parties!

Mara and Harlee

It’s so relaxing and healing!

Pat B.


Laura E.

It’s the only time we get a lot of information from our teenagers! Great family time!

Nelson family

I love my silky salt system.


Very fun to swim in!


Great customer service!!


Definitely the moto-massage!


Lovin’ the tubs!

Jarod and Lee

I like the color changing pools!

Lexi, 8

Great experience!


My whole family, all 11 of us, LOVES swimming together in our Hotspring pool.

Krebs family

I love your hot tubs!


Works great for learning scuba.


I love my warm pool!


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